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Welcome on the website of the Paris Go Tournament 2009!

The Paris Go Tournament is one the biggest Go event in Europe after the European Go Congress.

This year, the tournament will be held on the 11th, 12th and 13th of April 2009 at the City Hall of the 13th district of Paris.

Latest news

[16/04/09] End of tournament

[16/04/09] Albator defeated Batman !

[08/04/09] Friday Welcoming

[04/04/09] One more week

[31/03/09] Registration deadlines

[31/03/09] Shogi & Xiangqi

[24/03/09] Catalin Taranu

[21/03/09] EuroGoTV

[03/02/09] Opening of the web site


End of tournament

[16/04/09] [x]close

The Paris Go Tournament is now finished.

Congratulations to Oh Chimin who won the tournament by winning all its games. Congratulations also to the Sandbagger Team for its records of 21 victories out of 24 possibles and to Lucas Neirynck who have won the Blitz Tournament.

See you in the Amsterdam Tournament, the next Pandanet Major.

If you have photos of the tournament or SGF file of tournament games. You can send them to dmg at online-go dot com and we will put them on the website.

Great thanks to all the players !